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CJ6A Nanchang
Designed in the late 50s by Bushi Cheng, this basic military trainer is the first airplane designed and built in China. The CJ6 has been in production since the first flight in 1958 with minimal changes to the original design. In total, more then 2000 CJ6 were produced and sold to Albania, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Tanzania and Zambia for their pilot training needs. 

Technical specification
Length 27ft
Wing Span 33ft
Height 10ft
Weight Empty:2200 lbs.
Max Take Off Weight:3100 lbs.
Huosai HS6A 285hp , or
Vedeneyev M14P 360hp
Max Speed:230 mph
Cruise Speed:180 mph
Stall Speed:64 mph
Landing Speed:71 mph
Range:450 miles
Service Ceiling:17,000 ft.
Max G limits +6  -3

Yak 52 TW
The Yakovlev Yak-52 is a Soviet primary/aerobatic training aircraft that made its first flight in 1976. In 2001, Aerostar SA of Romania improved on the original design with a larger engine and a classic landing gear and the Yak 52TW was born.

Technical Specifications
Wing Span 32ft
Length 25ft
Height 8ft
Empty Weight 2100lbs
Max. take off weight 3000lbs
Engine - M14PFX-DK 400hp
Propeller - Mulbauer MTV9
Maximum speed  280mph
Max. cruising speed  200mph
Stall speed   66mph
Max flight range 750 miles
Max. g limit    +7  /  -5

L29 Delphin
The Delphin was the first Jet aircraft designed and built in Czechoslovakia and soon became the standard Jet trainer of Warsaw Pact countries in the 1960s. Production began in 1963 and ended in 1974 with a total of 3,600 L29 built, most of them being L29C, the trainer version, but a few L29 were issued a different denomination. The L29A - Akrobat was a dedicated single seat aerobatic airplane while the L29R was the reconnaissance version.

Technical Specifications
Wing Span 33ft
Length 35ft
Height 10ft
Empty Weight 5000lbs
Max. take off weight 7800lbs
Engine - Motorlet M701C500 Turbojet developing 1960lbs of thrust
Maximum speed  510mph
Max. cruising speed  310mph
Stall speed   81mph
Max flight range 550 miles
Max. g limit    +8  /  -4
Grumman TBM Avenger
The Avenger was the heaviest single engine aircraft of WWII. Designed by Leroy Grumman in 1940, the prototype first flew in 1941 and the first production aircraft entered service in 1942 (YakAttack's TBM was manufactured in 1945). Production ended after 9839 airplanes were built and deliver, remaining in active service until the 1960s. 

Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications
Wing Span 54ft
Length 39ft
Height 16ft
Empty Weight 10,500lbs
Max. take off weight 18,250lbs
Engine - Wright R-2000-20 1,900HP twin row 14 cylinders supercharged.
Max. cruising speed  275mph
Max flight range: 2265 miles
Three .50cal machine guns (one in the turret, two in the wings).
One 2,000 Mark 13 Torpedo, or bombs, mines or depth charges in the bomb bay.
Eight 5-inch High Velocity rockets mounted under the wings.