YakAttack Airshows

International Airshow Team

The members of YakAttack Airshows are experienced aviators who readily  share their passion with  people of all ages. Always mindful of their potential to influence future generations, the members of YakAttack Airshows are well versed public speakers and always present a very friendly, approachable, and professional image to the public.

Daniel Fortin - Team Lead
YakAttack #1
A native of Victoriaville Canada, Dan is a corporate pilot who began his flying career with gliders at the young age of 16. Like many kids in Canada, Dan’s dream took him to the Canadian Forces where he was allowed to perfect his flying skills and get his first taste of aerobatics. In his career, Dan flew many different airplane ranging from single seat gliders to heavy corporate jets. Dan also served as Chief pilot for the Northern Lights Aerobatic Team where he received type ratings for high performance airplanes like the Fouga Magister, L39 Albatros and the mighty Hawker Hunter. Dan has been a CJ6 operator since 1996 and has accumulated over 1000 hrs in type. Dan is a Formation Lead and Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum formation Check Pilot. After flying aerobatic for nearly 10 years, Dan finally decided to move into airshow flying in 2005 and obtained  a Transport Canada Statement of Aerobatic Competency on the CJ6 and has since performed at various airshows in Canada and the North East USA. Along with friends Charlie Lynch and Steve Dalton, Dan formed YakAttack Airshows in 2008. He currently lives in the lower Laurentian's mountains with his spouse.

Charles Lynch - Right wing
YakAttack #2
Charlie has been flying since 1992. First as a helicopter pilot and then as a fix wing aviator. After receiving his commercial certificate and getting his first taste in aerobatics, Charlie acquired a CJ6 in 1998 and flew it for over 1100 hrs. In 2006, Charlie changed his beloved CJ for a new Yak52TW and has been performing with this airplane since. Charlie received his FAA Statement of Aerobatic competency in 2003 after being coached by such legends as Dan McCue and Dale Snodgrass. He currently holds an FAA Statement of Aerobatic competency for both the CJ6 and the Yak-52. Charlie learned formation flying from the members of the now defunct Red Dragons formation team, is a Formation Instructor with the RedStar Pilots Association and has lead a CJ6/Yak Mass formation during Airventure WOA Airshow and is a founding members of YakAttack airshows. Charlie holds a commercial, multi-engine, instrument and rotor wing qualification. In 2012, Charlie obtained his pilot qualification on the WWII Torpedo bomber TBM Avenger and flies The Boss on the airshow circuit. Charlie lives in Connecticut with his wife and 3 children.

Mario Hamel - Left wing
YakAttack #3
After graduating from the Royal Military College of Canada, Mario obtained his Royal Canadian AirForce pilot wing in 1990. After 3 years as a flight instructor on the CT114 Tutor, Mario joined the world famous Canadian Snowbirds aerial demonstration team as Snowbirds #2 for the 1994-95 seasons. Having tasted airshows, Mario left the Canadian Forces and formed Northern Lights aerobatic team flying initially the Extra 300, then moving on to the Aero Vodochody L39 and finally the Hawker Hunter. Mario is a true airshow globe trotter having flown over 400 airshows in various locations as Canada, USA, Germany, Thailand, El Salvador, he also flew an airshow for a cruise ship somewhere in the Caribbean sea 50 miles from the nearest shore. Mario is married since 1989, has two grown children's and makes Montreal his home. After nearly 10 years away for the airshow industry, Mario joined the ranks of YakAttack Airshows in 2012.

Randy DeVere - Line astern
YakAttack #4
A former US Marine, Randy has been flying since 1986.  Early on he piloted many different aircraft including Cessna, Piper, Beech, Marchetti, Robbinson Helicopter  aircraft.   He received air combat and aerobatic instruction from such professionals such as Bob Shaw, and Sergei Boriak.  After competing in multiple air combat competitions, Randy purchased his first warbird a Yak-52.  He flew the Yak for over 2 years building his aerobatic skills and obtaining his Formation flying certification.  Randy then  traded his Yak for a Nanchang CJ6 in which he now has well over 1000 hours, flying formation, aerobatics, and air combat.  He is a formation instructor and has been flying airshows for over 11 years including Oshkosh - Air Venture, Sun & Fun, Langley Air Force base, Andrews Naval Air station Open House, and Cherry Point Marine Base.  Randy currently holds a commercial instrument single and multi engine ratings. For the last 25 years, Randy has been working the high tech fields to pay for his endless obsession for aviation. Randy joined YakAttack Airshows in 2012.